Musicians Show Charitable Interests With ‘My Downtime’

Musicians are busy. They write songs, play instruments, record in the studio all hours of the night, tour and perform all over the world, promote new albums – the list can go on. But, just like other busy people, they all have some free time.

Tons of great bands (Hey Monday, Manchester Orchestra, Grouplove, Anberlin) are donating their time to “My Downtime”. Created by Jay Harren (99X, Columbia Records), he started the idea in March 2011 to help bands partner with charities. Bands that are already linked to charities can happily continue to educate their fans on the charity’s behalf. If bands are looking to seek out charities to support, My Downtime can match them with the organizations.

Check  out the a video from Anberlin who talks about Feed America/Habitat For Humanity:

Visit My Downtime website to find more videos from other bands supporting this excellent cause:


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