BK Delivery Service – Hit or Miss?

With Burger King struggling to maintain its status in the fast-food competition (as McDonalds and Wendy’s top off current lists) what is their next big business move? Delivery!

They’re currently testing the food delivery in limited

[image via rt.com]

markets (within the DC/Virgina area.) Burger King will charge $2 additional for delivery services (if you live within the parameters) and total food ordered must cost at least $8. To avoid soggy food at your doorstep, they are making “thermal packing technology” to ensure freshness.

The concept is not a foreign one (McDonalds has executed something similar – and how often do you order in your favorite burger/fries or Chinese food because you’re too lazy/too cold to leave the house?) Nevertheless, there are a quite a few things that throw up the red flags:

– Test markets for the delivery service: Burger King is testing the service in markets that have over 26% obesity rate as of 2012 (cdc.gov) which lends us to believe that residents could be more likely to opt in for the service specifically in these markets where it may not do well in others.

– Deliver service effectiveness: Based on location of delivery, it could take up to 30 minutes to receive your Whopper and fries. If that was the case, it wouldn’t be “fast food”, would it?

– Increase health dangers: Something like this would only continue to press on the issue that Americans are becoming more and more lazy, leading to making poor food choices, thus higher levels of obesity.

– Price increases: A big reason people order fast food because it’s fast and cheap. If the minimum cost for an order is $10-$12, wouldn’t you rather get a nice healthy salad or chicken sandwich from the local market or restaurant for the same price instead?

I am no preacher (since I’m guilty of indulging in McDonalds french fries in my past) but facts are facts. A delivery service for fast food is dangerous and can only do more harm than good.






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