First Time Cooking With a Slow Cooker! Part 1

In my “new year, new you” attitude, I am continuing on with my experimental cooking. Tonight’s challenge? Attempting to cook with the slow cooker!

I wanted to start simple, so where else could I find a quick, easy and health conscious recipes from Fitness Magazine! I opted for the Pasta w/ Eggplant Sauce because it looked delicious (and I happened to buy eggplant recently and needed a good recipe to use it for!)

Ingredients mixed into the slow cooker!

For someone who only focuses on easy-to-do recipes, preparing the ingredients only took about 10-15 minutes before putting them into the slow cooker. I had to tweak a few things based on availability but overall it looks well done!

A few things I tweaked from the original recipe were using basil leaves instead of oregano. I also used marinara sauce and fresh tomatoes in replacement of tomato paste. I also chose a Merlot as the red wine ingredient – I think taste could vary somewhat based on wine choice/preferences.

Starting to cook...

As of 11:22PM: the sauce is cooking overnight and we’ll have status updates tomorrow for the “after” results in consistency and taste!

Click here for a quick link to this recipe as well as other great slow cooker recipes!


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