Gym Workout Experimentation Day 1

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Even on these cold, 20-degree NYC winter days, I push myself to wake up when the alarm goes off at 7:10AM (yes I know it’s not SO early) and drag myself to the gym five blocks away. In efforts to diversify my work out routine, I took suggestions from Fitness Magazine for some quick treadmill exercises.


Note before this post: I do not like the gym!! I go because I have to keep up the hard work of diet/exercise I have put myself in the last six months. But, if I’m already there, I should at least try and make it somewhat fun, right? This 20-minute workout from Diana Maitland (personal training manager at Equinox Fitness) is suggested for those who want to sculp the glutes and build strength and endurance.

For various time intervals, you will increase (or decrease) the incline while keeping the same speed for consistency. I tried it out this morning at the gym and I am happy to report that I felt that the glutes were definitely being worked and it was not too difficult at the beginner level. In addition, since I usually do 30 minute treadmill exercises, I continued after the 20 minutes with a low incline and jog at the end.

See below – you should keep this handy during your workout until you get acclimated:

Minutes  Speed (MPH) Incline (%) RPE*
0:00-5:00 4 3-3.5 5
5:00-7:00 4 8-10 7
7:00-8:00 4 4-6 6
8:00-10:00 4 10 8
10:00-11:00 4 5-7 7
11:00-13:00 4 12 9
13:00-14:00 4 10 8
14:00-15:00 4 12 9
15:00-20:00 4 2-4 5

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