The Cooking Adventures Continue With Ground Turkey Mini Wraps

Taking simple recipes and tweaking them with my own touch has become my favorite part of cooking! So, this week’s ingredient of focus? ground turkey meat! I wanted to make something that was easy and delicious, but not as heavy as turkey meatballs or turkey burgers.

I came across a great and healthy Mayo Clinic recipe for spicy ground turkey tacos which ended up taking less than 20 minutes to make!





With improvising some of the recipe for the turkey meat (replacing chili powder for red pepper flakes,  exchanging oregano with basil and adding garlic powder) I marinated the ground turkey once it started browning (approximately 3-10 minutes on the stove based on portions made.) I chopped up fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and arugula salad as I waited for the spices to marinate into the ground turkey meat.

Once the meat was properly cooked through, I heated up a whole wheat wrap, cut it into four portions and added the meat, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese to each separate wrap.

The results speak for themselves.. 

This was the perfect portion that left me very satisfied and can be great for dinner and/or lunch. It is easy to make but can be difficult to eat since the wraps are very loose. My best suggestion is to keep an even amount of meat/cheese/vegetables in each wrap so they don’t overflow and become too messy. You can always add more later on! If you want to add a little something extra to the wraps, you can try some light sour cream or greek yogurt, avocado and/or extra salsa.



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