COTG Social Vibe Presents..Keep A Child Alive (Feb 2012)

Can you see the Social Vibe chart to the right side of the screen? I try rotating through the different organizations in order to raise awareness to the ones that are associated with the digital platform.

This month I am hoping to get your help for Keep a Child Alive  – a great organization that gives treatment and support to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in third world countries.

Co-founder Alicia Keys hosts an annual Black Ball (in New York and London) to bring her celebrity friends and other philanthropists to join together and raise money for the cause. Last November’s NYC Black Ball raised approximately $3 Million with the help of friends Usher, Norah Jones, Gary Clarke Jr. and honoring George Harrison.

Visit Keep A Child Alive to find out what you can do. Or, if you’re in a hurry, click on the Social Vibe link to the right. All you need to do is click Widget and do one activity to add hours for ARV treatments. ARV (Antiretroviral) drugs are medications for treatment in HIV/AIDS patients.

Previous campaigns for Keep A Child Alive include the successful Buy Life/Digital Death campaign that COTG previously reported on last year. See a video below for Noah’s Story, who is one of many struggling children dealing with the impacts of such a terrible illness.


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