Winter Workout Hiccups and Solutions!

Have you been to a point when you’re more than half way to your goal weight and cravings are creeping back into your healthy routine? You’re not alone!

I’m currently dealing with this crisis by saying “if I just have a bite of this cake, that will be enough.” I know that this just one of many excuses and I am trying to come up with the best solutions for myself. I hope some of these ideas that I provide can be helpful for you!

  • Take baby steps: I found that when giving myself small goals per week, I found more success. It became overwhelming to think about it and I became discouraged when I couldn’t keep up with my big picture goals. Once you become more confident, you’ll find you want to do more things!
  • Keep your temptation foods out of your house (or in small portions): One of my biggest weaknesses is thinking I can just eat a small piece of chocolate for dessert. Sweet snacks at the end of the day is something I’ve always struggled with. But, instead of limiting myself completely, I’ve agreed to give myself up to 150 calories for dessert – this can be a low-calorie hot chocolate, a cup of chocolate milk, Soy-based ice cream sandwiches (Trader Joe’s sells vanilla/chocolate flavors – each sandwich is only 90 calories!)
  • Schedule your exercises: As you’d put any plans into your schedule (dinner with friends Tuesday night, concert Friday night), exercise should be incorporated into the weekly schedule. Because I go out during the weeknights, I put it in my schedule to go to the gym at least 3-4 days per week for approximately one hour of cardio/fitness training.
  • Stay optimistic: Never get discouraged and give up if you feel like you went off the track. Everyday is a new day – a new opportunity to start fresh and get back on track!

Feel free to share your motivations – different things work for everybody! I found a great article in Fitness Magazine that can help get you started.


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