Author Inspirations – Art Appreciation at Any Age

Sometimes, when you see a photograph, it just speaks to you. You can’t point your finger at exactly what it is the draws you in, but you know once you see it – it’s inspiring.


[image via TK]

A good friend of mine posted this photograph on her Facebook page and I absolutely adored it. The gaze of “Big T” and “Little T” staring so contently at the sophisticated painting of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies at the Museum of Modern Art really inspired me!

Aside from my strong appreciation and admiration for Monet and his use of pastel colors and impressionism, I love how serious the girls are while they stare at this piece of art. They look curious; They look like they’re conjuring up ideas in their minds about where this painting is from and if they’ve ever seen anything like it before. Had they been there before? Had they ever seen such pretty colors brushed together in such a beautiful way? Where is this place and where can I play!!

Even if this is not nearly what they were thinking about, it made me think of all the times I stared at things as a kid and admiring them as they stood – even when I had no idea what they were! As kids, we were invincible — we thought we can do anything in the entire world. So, what’s stopping us now? As we get older, we begin to lose the “kid” in us as we continue on with our “grown up” lives and deal with all of the responsibilities that come along with the cycle of life.

My hope for this year (and after) is that all of us should dig deep within ourselves to find the kid in us again – the part of us that wasn’t scared to try risky things or talk to people we didn’t know. Sometimes I think that if my 8-year old self saw me today that she’d tell me I need to stop being so serious sometimes and just let yourself have more fun! What does my 25-year old self think? She thinks her 8-year old self was smarter then!


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