Tenders in Ten Minutes (or less!)

Do you have a salad or bowl of pasta that’s itching for some protein? You may be thinking that making something could take up way too much time, but I have a quick and easy recipe that will hopefully get you in the kitchen to try! This is an extremely basic recipe and can be tweaked to specific spices, marinades that you enjoy.

Take defrosted chicken tenders, rinse with cold water and dry off with a paper towel. Put chicken tenders on a plate – add onion powder, garlic power, basil leaves and a dash of pepper on both sides. Let the spices sit for a few minutes to keep flavors intact. To add some stronger flavor, I also put a dash of Trader Joe’s Tuscan Italian Dressing on each piece of chicken.

After heating up the pan, I cooked them on medium heat and rotated each piece after 3-5 minutes. Cook until they are white on the inside. If you want more well done tenders, you can leave them on the stove for longer or put the pan in the oven to let them cook through.


The result is delicious tasting tenders that make the perfect addiction to the bare dish that’s sitting on your table. Now, go enjoy your meal and try experimenting with your own ingredients!


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