Pfizer Recalls its Mixed-up Pills for Possible Pregnancy Scares

Being a woman, when news like this is released, it’s extremely alarming!

Pfizer has issued a recall on over 1,000,000 birth control pills this week. The brand affected was 14 lots of Lo/Ovral-28 tablets and 14 lots of generic Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets (both manufactured by Pfizer.)

Due to an oversight in “mechanical and and visual inspections on the packaging line” before shipments were made, the affected packages may have more active pills than needed, and vice versa (meaning that if there isn’t the correct balance, then there is a higher risk of pregnancy if not taking the proper precautions.)

After reading articles about the recall today, pharmacists have said that there won’t be too much backlash since its not one of the more “common” birth control pills being sold and bought anymore. My biggest issue with that notion is this could happen with any packing facility for any drug brand. Simple oversights happen everyday with small, insignificant things. But when oversights like these happen with medications that  would have such an enormous impact on women’s reproductive organs and system, this is where it becomes more gray and dangerous.

While I 100% support birth control and women’s choice to take birth control, situations like these should show all women that they should be extremely careful when obtaining birth control and use it properly for the most sufficient results.

Check out FDA site to confirm if your packages were affected – they recommend that you return them to your pharmacy if the lot numbers match. They were sold in various US pharmacies all over the country, with expiration dates of July 31, 2013 through March 32, 2014.

After being in a similar situation myself in late of last year with another pill, I have opted not to continue with my prescription. As a result, I actually feel just as normal as I did before.

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