Tuesday Turkey Chili Day!

In continued attempts to expand my cooking repertoire, I spent this evening trying to make a turkey-chili. Turkey Chili is a great holiday/winter recipe since it is hardy, filled with vegetables/protein and can be served in minimal portions or for big dinners! I referenced a recipe from popular blog We Are Not Martha – there was definitely some improvising involved!!

I cut up onions, mushrooms and carrots to sauté in a pan until they were tender. I added them to the large pan with ground turkey meat once it was slightly cooked. After letting the veggies mix into the turkey meat, I added the spices, some parmesan cheese, 1 can of black beans, 3 cups chicken broth and tomato sauce.

I left the mixture cooking for approximately 1 hour so the liquids would thicken. After it cooked, I realized that I didn’t put in enough tomato sauce (my supplement for tomato paste.) I probably needed to put more in so it would make the chili more thick and hardy. The final results taste great, but my version came out more like a ground turkey vegetable medley then a thick hardy chili!

For anyone attempting this dish, make sure to put in a big portion of tomato sauce/paste to  get the heavy consistency. Once cooked, feel free to add a dollop of sour cream (or greek yogurt for those in the more healthy mind set) and some low fat shredded cheese!

Are you interested in making your own turkey chili? There are great unique recipes at Food Network by your favorite chefs! Or share your own recipes below!


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