The Vanity Project Brings Fresh New Ideas To NYC Fashion Week!

NYC Fashion Week is always an exciting time! People are always squishing into small venues to get even a peak of the upcoming collections from some of our favorite couture designers.

For every beautiful piece of designer clothing, there is also amazing casual wear that draws us in. I’m happy to introduce a brand new clothing company that is at the forefront of bringing a fresh new look to casual wear, while keeping good causes in mind. The Vanity Project creates comfortable, everyday clothing and adds logos of local and national non-profit organizations. 51% of sales per product go back to these organizations.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in New York and experience Fashion Week first hand, make your way down to the Lower East Side and join The Vanity Project as they make an official launch at the trendy Con Artist Gallery tomorrow night, February 16! Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about this amazing company and how they’re taking the non-profit business model and applying it to the retail world.

I am eager to announce that The Vanity Project will be featured in the COTG Interview Series. Check back in the next few days to get inside scoop from the creators directly and how they’re ready to change the world!


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