Elephants, Orangutanes, Oh My!

After you see a documentary, you hope that it resonates strongly enough to make you think about how the issues affect you and how you can be involved. I saw the film Born To Be Wild at the Museum of Natural History and it was absolutely mesmerizing!

The film (narrated by Morgan Freeman) follows two women in Africa [Dr. Brute Mary Galdikas and Daphne Sheldrick] who have sacrificed their lives to help orphaned baby orangutans and elephants grow up in a healthy environment before sending them back into the wild. These animals had been left stranded after their mothers were killed during poaching and other political conflicts in the territory. They would not survive unless being provided the proper nutrition and lifestyle to have them grow and eventually make their way back to “their kind” in the worlds that they belong.

What amazed me most was the fact that although these are considered young “wild” animals that live amongst the deepest forests and deserts, they have similar qualities to human children. They look for comfort by squeezing on to people tightly, they have a keen sense of memory and love their families unconditionally.


The most interesting fact that I left the film with was that elephants wear sunscreen! Their skin burns very easily and using sunscreen helps elephants avoid burning.

Ultimately, the message I obtained from this movie is the value of life in any form – human/animal/nature. It is important that we nurture life so that it can continue to prosper as we move through the cycle of life.

[Image 1 via internetvideoarchive.com]

[Image 2 via screencrave.com]



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