Street Meat Goes Veggie With Taim Mobile!

The hot new trend in NYC food is the mobile trucks – Mexican, Pizza, Ice Cream – you name it! And no, I’m not talking about your standard “street meat” that stinks up my office every morning! What I am referring to is the delicious Taim Mobile truck!

Taim (Hebrew for delicious) was created by an Israel husband and wife, Einat Admony & Stefan Nafziger in collaboration with architect and event organizer Nektarios Ioannidis, and former Wall Street broker David Shapiro.

The inspiration for the food truck came from a combination of Middle-Eastern/mediterranean food and the streets of Tel Aviv.

Taim Mobile takes pride in its menu of all natural ingredients. The falafel balls are made gluten-free and are cooked in 0% trans-fat Vegetable oil!

After a friend recommended I try Taim because the truck is located in Flatiron on Friday afternoons, I decided to order the Falafel, Hummus and Pita side plate. For $6, you get six small falafel balls, a big pita and a large serving of hummus. It was the perfect amount of food and was very tasty! The falafel didn’t feel to oily or thick, which happens often and makes for a very full and uncomfortable feeling.

Check back with their website to find out where they are located each day. Locations range from Bryant Park area to Williamsburg!


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