Snack With the World At 12PM Tomorrow!

[Creme Brûlée dessert, Le Cirque NYC Restaurant Week]

Are you a foodie? Do you take pictures of yourself and/or your food when dining out or cooking a delicious meal? (As you can see from my previous posts, I definitely fit the profile!)

Art House Co-op has created a shared community of food lovers and wants you to join in! Tomorrow, February 24 at 12PM EST, they will post pictures of individuals who have submitted their favorite food pictures and create the largest global snack!

The campaign was created to recognize the global hunger issue as well as emphasizing the food issues we face here at home. They have made a priority to put focus to Action Against Hunger by moving people to donate and learn more about what they can do in their communities.

Sign up today so your picture can be included in this amazing concept – it will be the biggest meal that I’ve ever seen!


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