Sticks and Stones…

…may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

I’m sure you’ve all heard this children’s rhyme before. I got to thinking about it a bit today and what it means to me.. Words can make people happy, sad, in love, angry..any emotional feeling. When words are put together, they can make beautiful poems or music or inspirational quotes. Other times and other words can be hurtful and harmful.

We spend so much time hearing about the way people bully one another – while many times it happens to be physical, it also can be done with verbal/emotional insults, that cause the most trouble and distress. On top of this, technology has given young individuals a new platform for bullying in ways that no one could have ever expected.

I don’t want to say that bullying is limited to young children. Bullying exists within people of all ages – people just don’t seem to grow out of it. It is important that we find more ways to continue tackling this issue as it has become a significant problem with our youth.

So, going back to the original phrase — yes, sticks and stones (well, maybe just stones..but other stuff too) can break my bones. But, words can be just as damaging, as well as fatal.

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