Last Day To Catch City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Festival!


Happy Leap Day! Take advantage of this extra day in February to walk over to The City Bakery (18th Street between 5 and 6 Aves) and get the Leap Year Hot Chocolate – the last and final hot chocolate offered in the 2012 Hot Chocolate Festival!

Celebrating its 20th anniversary of the festival this month, The City Bakery takes pride in their big mugs of rich hot chocolate! (Let’s not forget to mention their amazing homemade marshmallows!) I was able to catch the festival in the early portion of the month where I had the Banana Peel Hot Chocolate (see above — or what was left of it!)

Can’t make it today? Don’t feel too bad because they offer their delicious hot chocolate everyday in big mugs or shot form. They also have an amazing variety of homemade cookies and other delicious desserts (and prepared foods) that you can enjoy!

Visit their website to check out the other unique flavors you may have missed this month. Maybe if you contact them enough they will bring back the variety of flavors over the rest of the year!


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