Personal Music Running Guide – Rihanna!

For a person who endured asthma in the hey day of teenage sporting activities, it’s taken 26 years to actually enjoy the sport of jogging! While I am still a beginner and only jogging two miles at the time, I give thanks to Rihanna for making great music that keeps my endurance going as I practice increasing my stamina! My goal is to be able to jog log enough to run my first 5K this year!

Below is my current Rihanna playlist (which is usually on random shuffle) —

“Hard” w/ Young Jeezy [I usually start with this track to get me amped]

“Rude Boy”


“S & M”

“Man Down”**

“Talk That Talk” w/ Jay-Z

“We Found Love”

“Only Girl (In The World)”

“Where Have You Been”

** Typically by “Man Down” is when I start slowing down to monitor my pace.

The playlist is approximately 30 minutes (which can keep you for a solid work out!) Songs can also be swapped out for other Rihanna tracks! I personally like “Shut Up and Drive”, “Who’s That Chick”, “All of The Lights” for the run and then “What’s My Name”, “Russian Roulette” for the cool down!

What are your favorite Rihanna tracks??

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