News Anchorwoman Gives A Bully A Piece of Her Mind

There’s nothing like the scorn of an angry woman.. especially when it is the result of a taunting & bullying message.

WKBT news anchor Jennifer Livingston enlightened viewers with a dose of reality after receiving an anonymous letter discussing her overweight appearance & how she is a bad example for the community. Not only did she show courageousness by publicly sharing the letter with her audience, but she has also inspired us all to learn a big lesson from this – words hurt people. It is our job as individuals (even more importantly as parents & caretakers) to set positive examples of human behavior, starting at childhood. However, I also believe that this doesn’t end there — as adults, we also understand the impact bullying has (whether or not from personal experience) and we must tell each other when we know something is wrong. We’ve all dealt with bullying at one point in our lives – it only continues to worsen if not addressed early on.

After her story went online, flocks of people (friends & strangers) expressed their disgust about this letter and support for the admirable person Livingston is (outside & in.) She’s set a great example for individuals that may be scared to speak up when being bullied by telling them it is unacceptable.

Actually, it’s quite simple. As the saying goes, “treat others as you would want to be treated”. While simple and succinct, this phrase nails the topic right on its head.

Author Inspirations – Warhol At The Met


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

A recent trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art gave me a glimpse into some of the famous works of Andy Warhol and those inspired by him. Below is a gallery of photos I snuck in from the exhibit (shh, don’t tell!) I admire the way he inspired many by his active role in advertising, celebrity life & questioning traditional viewpoints on sexuality & political discourse. All of these things are seen vividly through his colorful works as well as the famous artists after him that he has influenced.

Share with us your favorite Warhol works!

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NY Times – The Living Appreciate the Passing

I just stumbled on this page from my Facebook Newsfeed (guilty, some of my best research comes from what other people post on their pages!) But, this comes at a convenient time as we remember the anniversary of my friend, Shana Kay, who passed away seven years from this past Tuesday, July 3.

This NY Times spread, The Lives They Loved, gave readers an opportunity to send images and descriptions of family & friends who have passed this year. The site shares about 300 images of individuals we lost this year along with a sentiment from close friends & family members.

Sometimes, it’s the short & simple lines that make the biggest impact:

Olga Lupò

My mother’s smile, she will always be the lighthouse that lights up my life.
Submitted by Serena Longo


This page proves to be a sentimental and significant piece of work that I hope NY Times will continue to create.

Shana, we miss you always and will never forget you.



In our current technology generation, it has never been such a  powerful tool for change as it has been with Invisible Children and the Stop Kony 2012 campaign.

The basics: for almost a decade, three young film makers set out to make a film about Uganda. What they didn’t realize was the personal impact meeting the young children of the country would make on them to become part of a bigger mission — to capture Joseph Kony. Kony is a militant who’s been abducting children and either killing them or forcing them to join his army and kill others for the past decade in various cities in Uganda and neighboring states.

There’s not much more I need to say until you watch this video for yourself. I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so moved by a cause and effort as strong as this one. What people say is true – every voice counts, no matter how big or small.

Here are ways that you can help:

Author Inspirations – The Stein Collection

Thanks to my sister’s membership at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, we were able to get a sneak peek this afternoon into the upcoming exhibition of the famous Stein Collection! It is an extraordinary array of paintings (including Picasso, Renoir, Matisse, Toulouse-Laurec, Cezanne) that showcases the passion the Stein family developed for the arts as well as learning about the close relationships this famous family had with these struggling artists during their time in Paris over the early 1900s.

I secretly took this picture during my trip at the museum today!

[Paul Cezanne, Bathers 1874-1875; Metropolitan Museum of Art  – New York]

Specifically, what drew people into Cezanne’s work was his use of the color green as well as his very defined diagonal movements of the paint brush for this painting along with most of his other works.

The formal exhibition begins this Tuesday, February 28. Find our more on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website!