H&M To Launch Conscious Glamour Line


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H&M, known for it’s stylish, in-expensive clothing for the masses is preparing to launch a more upscale, eco-friendly clothing line to emphasize classic style as well as affordability! [image via Getty] Already being worn by Michelle Williams, Amanda Seyfried and … Continue reading

Elle Magazine Celebrates Jessica Simpson and Her Baby Bump!

While I’m not Jessica Simpson’s biggest fan of her music, I do respect her for the largely successful fashion empire she has built as well as her success to rise above all of the media scrutiny she receives on a daily basis.

I couldn’t help myself when I saw the pictures of her in Elle magazine shoot photos for the April 2012 issue. This picture below in particular, while probably very staged, struck me as very sweet and romantic as her footballer fiance Eric Johnson kisses her belly in front of the pink backdrop. (Yes, it’s confirmed that she’s having a girl, congrats!)

The biggest question now is — when is the baby coming already??

[image via Elle]

Inspiration Is Just A Quote Away….

You’ve heard the phrase “pictures speak louder than words”, right? While this is an absolutely valid statement, I still believe that words make just as strong of impact, if not more powerful.

I created the “Words of Wisdom” box on my site because I found by seeing the simplest of words put together, they make a whole new inspiration meaning. They’ve helped take me from laziness and procrastination to productivity (including this website!)

I value the power of words and how they can move you to do big things. Thanks to my daily dose of Finest Quotes, it has helped me continue trying to achieve my goals, one small step at a time 🙂 I actually have a small notebook that I add quotes I read from books, magazine articles, songs and daily life happenings!

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to one of my favorite Twitter users Ralph Marston (@ralphmarston) who uses this platform to provide daily inspiration!

12 – 27.1 Photo Project


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You’re probably thinking “what do those numbers mean?” I will explain… Photography is something I’ve always wanted to explore. I find myself digging deep into photographs to find the larger meaning inside them. In efforts to draw inspiration from photography, … Continue reading

The Beauty and Madness of Alexander McQueen in Savage Beauty


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As many of you may already know for the posts I’ve written, I am a big fan of the arts. Whether it be art, music, fashion, theater – the creativity involved within all of these respective fields is fascinating. I … Continue reading