I urge everyone to watch this trailer and make your way to theaters on March 30 to see Bully. It’s no secret that bullying is one of the most prevalent forms of violence/abuse, especially for young children. But, this film sheds a big spotlight in exposing the dangers of bullying and the alarming disconnect between students, teachers and their parents when it comes to children’s behavior and how it affects their peers.

The Weinstein Company is facing challenges as the MPAA initially gave Bully an R-rating because of foul language. However, this will prevent its core demographic to see the film and see bullying first hand from several points-of-view. Please join me and sign the petition to get 300,000 names to help overturn the MPAA and give the film a PG-13 rating [those who should really be seeing this film.]

Give a voice to those with a soft voice and for those who no longer have a voice because of the tragic effects bullying had on them.




In our current technology generation, it has never been such a  powerful tool for change as it has been with Invisible Children and the Stop Kony 2012 campaign.

The basics: for almost a decade, three young film makers set out to make a film about Uganda. What they didn’t realize was the personal impact meeting the young children of the country would make on them to become part of a bigger mission — to capture Joseph Kony. Kony is a militant who’s been abducting children and either killing them or forcing them to join his army and kill others for the past decade in various cities in Uganda and neighboring states.

There’s not much more I need to say until you watch this video for yourself. I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so moved by a cause and effort as strong as this one. What people say is true – every voice counts, no matter how big or small.

Here are ways that you can help:

Step In The Name of Love..And For Zimbabwe

Are you in the Valentine’s Day spirit and looking for love? Why not look for love AND spread love or “seeds of love” for charity!

Seeds for Africa is hosting the event “Spread The Seed” Valentine Charity Date Auction on Monday, February 13 at The Manhattan Penthouse (Union Square, NYC.) From 7-10PM, your ticket includes an open bar, raffles and singles ready to mingle (or be auctioned off for charity!) Seeds of Africa helps raise money to educate and empower children by giving them modern technology and resources to thrive in an impoverished country.

If you’re looking to find love, purchase your ticket here. Money donated from the event will be contributed towards creating libraries and providing modern technology and resources in Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Visit Seeds of Africa to find out how you can be involved – it is as simple as donating $1 for a brick that will build a school in Zimbabwe!

NYC Celebrates Mardi Gras For The Lower East Side Girls Club!


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[image via] What do you get when you mix New Orleans Jazz fest partying and Lower East Side NY hipster-chic bars? You get the Mardi Gras Ball at Le Poisson Rouge! Hosted by actress Rosario Dawson, the third annual … Continue reading

ConvergeUS Combines Technology and Social Change

Technology gurus have put their heads together to create a new platform that combines technology with social reform – its name is ConvergeUS.

Rey Ramsey, CEO and President of Technet, Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter, and Andrew McLaughlin, Head of Global Public Policy and Government Affairs for Google Inc. and many others are the brains behind the new operation that will take promoting social reform online to new digital levels.

ConvergeUS plan is simple and is explained in 3 steps: (via

1. ConvergeUS Summits: Each year we will convene social innovators, problem-solvers and subject matter experts to address specific social problems. The technology sector participants will be recruited into a permanent corps of Innovation Fellows.

2. Online Clearinghouse for Innovation Fellows and other Social Innovators: We will develop and manage a virtual innovation marketplace for Innovation Fellows and the other Social Innovators.

3. Social Innovation Technology Projects: We will find and implement model social innovation projects that are effective and scalable.

Our primary areas of interest are early childhood education and families including military families, healthcare, sustainability and emergency preparedness, areas that can be enhanced by the collaborative uses of technology. ConvergeUS is national in scope, but we have a geographic range that is opportunistic as we seek to maximize impact.

These intelligent individuals realize how powerful the Internet has become as a reference point for many companies, organizations to showcase themselves and their efforts. ConvergeUS attempts to establish a new model for this process of using technology in connection with social change.

Making their first official statement less than a week ago, they hope to build an extensive network of strong minds in the academic, non-profit and technology industries to create a new wave of how non-profit organizations utilize social media. This company is probably the most aggressive step thus far in building technological platforms that will attempt to engage social reform using social media and other aspects of the Internet.

Visit other sites to find out more updates!



Black History Month 101

For the month of February, take the time to go to the library and do some research. What if everyday you picked a different African American individual to learn more about? 28 days doesn’t give one enough time to fill our brains with the knowledge of powerful African Americans that have existed over time.

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MLK Jr. Barack Obama, Oprah, Rosa Parks, Magic Johnson, Booker T. Washington, Spike Lee, Louis Armstrong, Dr. Maya Angelou – a few names of powerful individuals in various aspects of life: entertainment, sports, civil rights, politics…

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Biography website is providing individuals with insight to fun facts as well as in depth profiles on prolific individuals. For example:

Fact #105 (via

Revenue from musician Nat ‘King’ Cole’s record sales financed a majority of Capitol Records’ success during the 1950’s so much so, that the distinctive Capitol Records building on in Los Angeles became known as ‘the house that Nat built.’

Discover other fun facts at their website and others below:

History website

African American History – Government site

The Next Generation Speaks Up Loudly

video via HBO

Enter Brave New Voices: A part of the Youth Speaks Inc. organization established in 1996 that aims to give the new generation a voice, (a very big one). Members of the organization are young activists, poets, artists and leaders who utilize oral and written literacy to share their visions with other young individuals about vital world issues. Some of these issues include but are not limited to the environment, civil rights, mental illness and many others. Although based in the San Francisco Bay area, there are various branches in New York, Wisconsin, Seattle, Nashville and other cities.

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Brave New Voices is a festival that brings together these young creative minds from different cities to compete. This unique artistic platform turned the heads of celebrities and other major officials so much so that HBO decided to film and air the 2010 festival finalists. Hosts of the HBO series are hip-hop icon Common and actress Rosario Dawson.

What makes this festival along with the organization at large more unique is how diversified it actually is. Individuals of all different races, religion and background are competing against one another to hit the main stage in Los Angeles.

Although some has already aired on HBO, you can check back for re-runs and more information at HBO. You can also visit Youth Speaks Inc. for more information about the organization at large.

Do you have something to say? Are you interested in competeting for the Brand New Voices title of 2011? Visit their site to find out how you can enter in your area or have a voice in other ways.