NYC Celebrates Mardi Gras For The Lower East Side Girls Club!


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[image via] What do you get when you mix New Orleans Jazz fest partying and Lower East Side NY hipster-chic bars? You get the Mardi Gras Ball at Le Poisson Rouge! Hosted by actress Rosario Dawson, the third annual … Continue reading

Worldly Rituals Prove to be Healers

We’ve all heard different things about different foods – berries are “superfoods” butter is great for restoring shine in your hair. YOU ARE NOT BEING FOOLED – MOST OF THESE ARE TRUE!

I have yet to do serious experimentation with the foods in my cabinet, but this great article dives into a few of my favorite foods that contribute to keeping a healthy upkeep of the mind and body.

[image via] Avocados (easily in my top 5 favorite foods – can be added to ANY meal) have been mostly used to help with damaged hair and skin. For use on the skin, you can try creating a face mask with the avocado (and honey) or use the outter skin of an avocado to rub on your face to act as an exfoliating agent (due to its rough contour.)

[image via]        Shea Butter is incorporated into many of our favorite shampoos and body lotions (did I mention how delicious the smell is!) It has been used in Africa for centuries to prevent and lessen wrinkleson the face or for stretch marks!                                         

[image via] Monoi Oil has distinct properties that help to improve hair follicles as well as add a powerful scent. Originating from the Tahitian Tiare flower, it can be mixed with coconut oil it has been shown to improve texture of hair. as well as providing an infectious smell!

One Beach Explores Cleaning Beaches One Piece of Plastic at a Time

Barefoot Wine presents us an excellent documentary entitled One Beach, which asks it’s audience to think outside of the box when it comes to the environment and preserving our beaches. Directed by Jason Baffa, he shows us that all walks of life can contribute to keep our beaches clean and find innovative ways to spread the message.

The documentary featured live September 20 on Facebook, but can be accessed online through the Barefoot Wine YouTube page.

When I watch this, it reminds me of all of my childhood memories growing up. I spent my weekends at Tobay beach in Long Beach, Long Island and continue to take family vacations to beautiful islands with gorgeous beaches. It is important that people stay diligent about keeping our beaches clean so we can continue to have these experiences to enrich our lives.

BOATLIFT Shows Anyone Can Be A Hero

In light of the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2011, I urge you to watch this short documentary about the individuals we didn’t hear about on 9/11.  These were the people that worked on the water and helped to relocate almost 500,000 individuals affected in the downtown NYC area in a 9-hour period. These  people who we typically call “Average Joes” became heroes during the events in lower Manhattan on September 11.

In the twelve minutes it took for BOATLIFT to tell its story, as a viewer you feel that you’re re-living the day as it just happened. The raw emotions that are shown by these brave individuals in the documentary only touch the surface of how people are still coping with the events of this day.

Inspiration comes in all forms. For these sailors to come together for the sole purpose of wanting to help others in unknown circumstances is nothing short of bold, courageous and heroic.

Film is narrated by Tom Hanks, directed by Eddie Rosenstein; 2011

Catch The Summer Breeze on a Bike Ride!

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Problem: summertime in NYC. It can be hot and painful, especially when it lacks bodies of water to cool off.
Solution: catch a breeze by renting a bike and riding along the East or West side. You get the breeze of the rivers and fast speed of bike riding! (Not to mention a great work out and stress reliever!)

Don’t have easy access to a bike? No issue! You can rent bikes from various locations in the five boroughs. If you’re in NYC and on a budget, check out the various great discount sites, where you can get 1/2 price rentals, (such as one I purchased through Buy With Me).

There’s nothing like a great bike ride where you can start in Central Park and wind up on the Brooklyn Bridge. Where else can you travel such far distances to see such amazing sites at the same time?


Although we should be thinking about the environment every day, we dedicate one day of the year to focus specifically on issues affecting the environment.

Today’s goal should be doing at least one good deed

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for the environment – there are many things that you can do!

-Walk instead of drive your car

-Turn off the lights for an hour or two

-Pick up some garbage you see on the ground


Feel free to come up with your own creative, eco-friendly ideas and share with us! Hopefully one day of improvement can change behaviors for the long haul.

Bananas + Cars = Efficient Car Fuel?

A study currently taking place at Sao Paolo State University is attempting to use fibers off of fruits – bananas, pineapples, coconut shells, which have proved to provide sturdy plastics that may be strong enough to build car parts.

In the university’s press release, “They are light, but very strong — 30% lighter and three to four times stronger… For one thing, they will help reduce the weight of cars and that will improve fuel economy.”*

Furthermore, these materials have proven more resistance to gas, heat and water, as compared to traditional plastic car parts.

Based on the speedy research, these materials could be implemented in dashboards, bumpers and other car parts in less than two years!

Maybe the next vehicle will look like a banana or coconut?