Post-Passover Meal Preparations!

To all, I wish you a belated Happy Pesach and Easter. I hope everyone had quality time to spend with their family and friends while enjoying their respective holiday celebrations, and most importantly, the exorbitant amount of food! I’m still in a food coma thinking about it…

I celebrate Passover and found it rather difficult this year to keep the “no bread, corn syrup, starchy foods” out of my daily routine for eight whole days. [Technically, I broke it by using dairy/meat that may have not been kosher for passover – but let’s not count that!] In my effort to curb those cravings, I decided to get creative! I used my kitchen as a resource to take everyday simple dishes and make them kosher-for-passover friendly and [trying to] maintain the great flavor!

My most successful dish of the week was eggplant parmigiana with a side of sauteed vegetables —

This recipe is was taken from the site Jewish in A Gentile World blog. A few tweaks were made, but it is a generic eggplant parmigiana recipe that is simple, quick and can be enjoyed by all!

Take out all of your ingredients:

  • Eggplant (sliced 1/2 inch or thick enough to hold sauce/cheese without breaking
  • Matzoh Meal
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Thyme, Garlic Powder and/or other spices of preference

Put eggplant slices onto pan with oil and let it soak each side [approximately 4-6 minutes each side depending on thickness.] Then, transfer slices to a plate of the matzoh meal mixed with spices of your choice [we used thyme, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder.]

Once the mixture is combined and stuck to the eggplant, transfer them to a pan and give equal space between each piece [to let the sauce/cheese have room to melt.] Add tomato sauce to each slice and a piece of cheese to each. [We used kosher for passover mozzarella and light muenster cheese – this can be traded for any type of cheese.] Once this is complete, you can put into the oven [best timing is probably 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.] Cook until you reach desired consistency.

The final outcome should have the cheese melted and eggplant cooked through – the more you cook, the more burnt the cheese may get.

The results made for a delicious meal that was healthy yet delicious! Even though the holiday is over, I actually made this again last night but used white cheddar cheese to spice things up!

I am usually a “go by the book” type of cook, but this recipe has allowed me to practice experimenting with alternate spices, cheeses and vegetables I normally don’t work with! Try for yourself and you’ll surprise yourself…


Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s been almost a year of my healthy lifestyle changes and I’m happy to report success! To treat myself, I spent last week celebrating my 26th birthday in style – none other than delicious italian food @ 11B, mac & cheese at LES Sons of Essex, Carvel ice cream cake (extra chocolate fudge/crunchies – we don’t mess around) and a BIG 5 Napkin Burger! Thank you to my friends and family for being such amazing people and helping me celebrate what I hope to be an exciting and fruitful year!

Now it’s time to get out of my food coma and back to the grind!!


I urge everyone to watch this trailer and make your way to theaters on March 30 to see Bully. It’s no secret that bullying is one of the most prevalent forms of violence/abuse, especially for young children. But, this film sheds a big spotlight in exposing the dangers of bullying and the alarming disconnect between students, teachers and their parents when it comes to children’s behavior and how it affects their peers.

The Weinstein Company is facing challenges as the MPAA initially gave Bully an R-rating because of foul language. However, this will prevent its core demographic to see the film and see bullying first hand from several points-of-view. Please join me and sign the petition to get 300,000 names to help overturn the MPAA and give the film a PG-13 rating [those who should really be seeing this film.]

Give a voice to those with a soft voice and for those who no longer have a voice because of the tragic effects bullying had on them.

Elle Magazine Celebrates Jessica Simpson and Her Baby Bump!

While I’m not Jessica Simpson’s biggest fan of her music, I do respect her for the largely successful fashion empire she has built as well as her success to rise above all of the media scrutiny she receives on a daily basis.

I couldn’t help myself when I saw the pictures of her in Elle magazine shoot photos for the April 2012 issue. This picture below in particular, while probably very staged, struck me as very sweet and romantic as her footballer fiance Eric Johnson kisses her belly in front of the pink backdrop. (Yes, it’s confirmed that she’s having a girl, congrats!)

The biggest question now is — when is the baby coming already??

[image via Elle]

Author Inspirations – Happy Moments in My Life…


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