I urge everyone to watch this trailer and make your way to theaters on March 30 to see Bully. It’s no secret that bullying is one of the most prevalent forms of violence/abuse, especially for young children. But, this film sheds a big spotlight in exposing the dangers of bullying and the alarming disconnect between students, teachers and their parents when it comes to children’s behavior and how it affects their peers.

The Weinstein Company is facing challenges as the MPAA initially gave Bully an R-rating because of foul language. However, this will prevent its core demographic to see the film and see bullying first hand from several points-of-view. Please join me and sign the petition to get 300,000 names to help overturn the MPAA and give the film a PG-13 rating [those who should really be seeing this film.]

Give a voice to those with a soft voice and for those who no longer have a voice because of the tragic effects bullying had on them.

Today’s Author Inspirations – Cinemagraphs

[image via Mashable/From Me To You]

“Cinemagraphs”, or movement within still images is how Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg describe their patent-pending digital-evolutionary photography.

Beck and Burg, who run the popular Tumblr site From Me To You, showcases their creative skills while exploring the worlds of fashion, travel, nature and other life experiences.

Thanks to Mashable for writing this article to introduce readers to innovative “everyday people” who do what they love while making a significant impact in the digital/media world.

In addition to the creative GIF photographs, her still images are quite beautiful as well. The way Beck provides such crisp detail in all of her photographs as well as recognizing the various planes within a photo help to highlight the primary focus of each photograph, making each one unique and beautiful.

The photos surrounding this text were taken over New York Fashion Week last month.

One Beach Explores Cleaning Beaches One Piece of Plastic at a Time

Barefoot Wine presents us an excellent documentary entitled One Beach, which asks it’s audience to think outside of the box when it comes to the environment and preserving our beaches. Directed by Jason Baffa, he shows us that all walks of life can contribute to keep our beaches clean and find innovative ways to spread the message.

The documentary featured live September 20 on Facebook, but can be accessed online through the Barefoot Wine YouTube page.

When I watch this, it reminds me of all of my childhood memories growing up. I spent my weekends at Tobay beach in Long Beach, Long Island and continue to take family vacations to beautiful islands with gorgeous beaches. It is important that people stay diligent about keeping our beaches clean so we can continue to have these experiences to enrich our lives.

Director Discovering What Makes People HAPPY

As I explore my own path to happiness, it seems that others are trying to do the same!

image via Roko Belic

Academy award nominated director, Roko Belic, has been working for four years on the documentary HAPPY. The film explores all walks of life and finding unique answers to the question, “What makes you happy?”

Belic and his team traveled to over fourteen countries to talk to many individuals. Throughout the film, we see individuals who’ve endured all areas of the ‘feelings’ spectrum: extreme joy, pain, tragedy, frustration. Through it all, happiness exists in mysterious and unexpectful ways.

image via (from the film Happy)

“We hope that the lessons learned through the film can not only help individuals find more peace and contentment in their own lives, but that the shift toward happiness will lead us to be more compassionate, less destructive and better citizens of the world.”*

The film is already being talked about with buzzing magazines including Paste and Wall Street Journal entertainment blogs.

It is currently in it’s last legs and in need of our help! For anyone who wants to learn more about the project and if they’d like to donate, please find contact information here.