News Anchorwoman Gives A Bully A Piece of Her Mind

There’s nothing like the scorn of an angry woman.. especially when it is the result of a taunting & bullying message.

WKBT news anchor Jennifer Livingston enlightened viewers with a dose of reality after receiving an anonymous letter discussing her overweight appearance & how she is a bad example for the community. Not only did she show courageousness by publicly sharing the letter with her audience, but she has also inspired us all to learn a big lesson from this – words hurt people. It is our job as individuals (even more importantly as parents & caretakers) to set positive examples of human behavior, starting at childhood. However, I also believe that this doesn’t end there — as adults, we also understand the impact bullying has (whether or not from personal experience) and we must tell each other when we know something is wrong. We’ve all dealt with bullying at one point in our lives – it only continues to worsen if not addressed early on.

After her story went online, flocks of people (friends & strangers) expressed their disgust about this letter and support for the admirable person Livingston is (outside & in.) She’s set a great example for individuals that may be scared to speak up when being bullied by telling them it is unacceptable.

Actually, it’s quite simple. As the saying goes, “treat others as you would want to be treated”. While simple and succinct, this phrase nails the topic right on its head.

NY Times – The Living Appreciate the Passing

I just stumbled on this page from my Facebook Newsfeed (guilty, some of my best research comes from what other people post on their pages!) But, this comes at a convenient time as we remember the anniversary of my friend, Shana Kay, who passed away seven years from this past Tuesday, July 3.

This NY Times spread, The Lives They Loved, gave readers an opportunity to send images and descriptions of family & friends who have passed this year. The site shares about 300 images of individuals we lost this year along with a sentiment from close friends & family members.

Sometimes, it’s the short & simple lines that make the biggest impact:

Olga Lupò

My mother’s smile, she will always be the lighthouse that lights up my life.
Submitted by Serena Longo


This page proves to be a sentimental and significant piece of work that I hope NY Times will continue to create.

Shana, we miss you always and will never forget you.

Happy Earth Day From Burt’s Bees!

An excellent advertisement for Burt’s Bees uses the sounds of nature to emphasize the importance of music as well as our life surroundings.

Composer Diego Stucco used trees, honey, oranges, bees and other ingredients incorporated into Burt’s Bees products to make beautiful music just in time for Earth Day.

While you may not have the musical skills to create a masterpiece like Stucco, please take the time this week to do something great for the Earth!

Jessica Alba’s Gets Funding!

Many of our favorite brands of diapers, soaps and other consumer products are unknowingly harboring bacteria, toxins and other dangerous materials that could harm a child’s health. Actress and mother or two, Jessica Alba, found a void for parents to purchase healthy baby products and wanted to give them a place to do so., created by Alba and co-founder/CEO Christopher Gavigan, have received over $27MM in funding by investors who have also worked with launching major sites such as Twitter, Zynga and Netflix. The influx of start-up money will help the company create more products as well as launch an e-commerce site.

“Parents get a lot of advice about what to feed their children and how to baby-proof their home, but many are still completely unaware of the toxic risks posed by everyday basics, like diapers, home cleaners, body washes, and laundry soaps..” says Gavigan on their website about new parents and their lack of education about the products they are purchasing for their children.

Users will be able to subscribe to the site by choosing what types of items you want to purchase and will give you suggestions based on information you give them about your family! hopes to keep “honesty” by its users so that parents can trust the products they use to help grow healthy and happy children!

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John Varvatos Teams Up With Chrysler and Stuart House

American designer John Varvatos is using his power to do good by teaming up with Chrysler and design a special edition Chrysler 300S. It is currently on the auction block and will be available to bid until Tuesday, March 20. As of last Thursday, bids were around $50,000!

Money from the auction will be donated to the ninth annual Stuart House charity benefit that helps sexually abused children. John Varvatos and his company have been associated with the Stuart House for over nine years.

“The Chrysler 300S includes custom 20-inch wheels in a satin carbon finish, seats and door panels with black woven leather details and satin chrome finishes in the cabin. Other touches include a black leather-wrapped instrument panel, console lid and door armrest and a black two-tone steering wheel.”*