12.27-9 Photo Project


Forgive my absence for two months on the project (I’m very upset about this.) But, I wanted to share this belated shot on a beautiful September fall day in Flatiron. The light hits the tree beautifully but enhancing its bright green leaves as they hang on for another month or so!

Author’s Note – New Blog Header/Background Photos

Readers, after my memorable trip to Australia, I felt compelled to add a newly improved header/background with some of the breathtaking sites that I saw while traveling.

The background is a sunset photo taken on my hike to the lighthouse in Byron Bay, New South Wales – the most eastern point of Australia. The header photo is a pre-sunset shot taken on a sunset cruise in Port Douglas, Queensland.

I look forward to sharing more photos with you very shortly!

Farmers Market Delights!

‘Tis the season for fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers! During this time, I love visiting the NYC Union Square Farmers Market to check out the fresh produce & plants that the upstate farms are bringing to the city. Not only are you accessing the best produce in season, but you’re also ensured that it’s coming form a sustainable environment.

Please enjoy these photos as a beginning to the colorful assortment of healthy living!


<– Dahlias from Hodgson’s Farm






Image via Paffernoth Gardens –>