12.27-9 Photo Project


Forgive my absence for two months on the project (I’m very upset about this.) But, I wanted to share this belated shot on a beautiful September fall day in Flatiron. The light hits the tree beautifully but enhancing its bright green leaves as they hang on for another month or so!


Author’s Note – New Blog Header/Background Photos

Readers, after my memorable trip to Australia, I felt compelled to add a newly improved header/background with some of the breathtaking sites that I saw while traveling.

The background is a sunset photo taken on my hike to the lighthouse in Byron Bay, New South Wales – the most eastern point of Australia. The header photo is a pre-sunset shot taken on a sunset cruise in Port Douglas, Queensland.

I look forward to sharing more photos with you very shortly!

Farmers Market Delights!

‘Tis the season for fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers! During this time, I love visiting the NYC Union Square Farmers Market to check out the fresh produce & plants that the upstate farms are bringing to the city. Not only are you accessing the best produce in season, but you’re also ensured that it’s coming form a sustainable environment.

Please enjoy these photos as a beginning to the colorful assortment of healthy living!


<– Dahlias from Hodgson’s Farm






Image via Paffernoth Gardens –>

12 – 27.4 Photo Project

A beautiful spring day at Madison Square Park, approximately 9:45AM

Aside from the gorgeous weather, you can see how bright and plentiful the green leaves are growing on all of the trees surrounding the pond. Hopefully this is a sign for a fruitful summer!

NYC Spring in Color!

Kicking into high spring gear, I wanted to share my assortment of colorful changes I’ve seen in the New York air as well as my own personal style.

It’s great to appreciate your surroundings as well as give yourself creative freedom and bring your personal health & style from winter drab to summer fab on the inside and outside!

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