Fall Fashion!

Hello Fall! We’re loving this photo full of beautiful autumn colors & fabrics (via Vogue)


COTG Now Presents…Interview Series!

I am happy to announce that a new section of material will be added to the COTG website!

COTG will host interviews with young entrepreneurs who are making major strides to create and inspire in their professional endeavors. We will be reaching out to all types of individuals around the country to gain insight.

Keep checking back with us as we grow this area of the website with some individuals laying new ground work for inspiration in a current world of uncertainty and doubt!

As of today, our first interview has been conducted and will be posted next week!

Cure Your Cold With These Super Foods

Berries, spinach, cabbage, oh my!

WebMD wrote a great article yesterday to educate its readers on some of the world’s best super foods. Many of these foods provide tons of vitamins and nutrients that help curb various illnesses as well as keep our bodies in check!

View the article here to check them out – some may even surprise you!

[image 1 via acaiberryeducation.com]

[image 2 via puritan.com]

[image 3 via organicoysters.com]