Elephants, Orangutanes, Oh My!


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After you see a documentary, you hope that it resonates strongly enough to make you think about how the issues affect you and how you can be involved. I saw the film Born To Be Wild at the Museum of … Continue reading

New Music For A Good Cause!

Coca Cola’s organization RAIN (Replenish Africa Initiative) has tapped Solange, music producer Chris Taylor (of Grizzly Bear) and Twin Shadow to create a song called “Kenya” for this significant campaign.

“Kenya” is now available via download at the RAIN website in exchange for a donation towards the RAIN fund, which will aid to supply water and other sanitation resources to various communities in Africa and other partners of the RAIN campaign.

Over $750 has been raised so far in just a day or so. Help keep it going!

image via pitchfork.com

Visit the Music For RAIN website to donate, download “Kenya” and find out more about the making of “Kenya” and the RAIN campaign.

Shop Guilt-Free This Week!

Starting TOMORROW (Thursday), November 11 through Sunday, November 14, take 30% off any item from Gap, Banana Republic and/or Old Navy!

image via istartedsomething.com

From your purchases, 5% of the total will be given to the (RED) organization to fight AIDS in Africa. What a better way to start off the holiday season!

image via locanto.info

Click here for the coupon that can be used IN-STORES only. Happy shopping 🙂

Visit the Join (RED) website to learn more information about the cause: http://www.joinred.com/red

Voss Water Brings More Clean Water

image/logo via illumine.com

Voss Water, another prominent water company, joins the bandwagon of bringing clean water to sub-saharan Africa and other areas that are in desperate need of clean water.

Voss Water donated a large sum of money to build up the Foundation, which started in 2008 by VOSS Water directors. Not only does the organization send water to these areas, but they also create eco-friendly irrigation systems and equipment that can help bring clean water to these areas for long-term.

logo via VOSS

What makes this organization unique is that it attempts to target women and young adolescents, which are those who are usually deprived. They also work with various organizations that aid in similar ways for clean water.

Follow Voss Foundation on Twitter for updates about the organization, clean water and events and other activities that the Foundation is involved with.


image/logo via vossfoundation.org

HIV/AIDS Awareness – The Lazarus Effect – May 24

“Two lifesaving pills that cost around 40 cents a day can help bring someone with HIV/AIDS back to life in as few as 40 days.”* 40 cents is all it takes to potentially give these individuals their lives back.

via hbo.com

The Lazarus Effect, a film by (RED)** and produced by Spike Jonze, looks at various HIV/AIDS victims in Africa. The 30 minute documentary follows four people who were given the Antiretroviral (ARV) pill. In less than 40 days, many of their severe symptoms vanished.

This documentary will air on HBO (US) and Channel 4 (UK) on May 24 at 9PM EST. To learn more about The Lazarus Effect, visit the HBO website: http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/the-lazarus-effect/index.html#/documentaries/the-lazarus-effect/video/tease.html/eNrjcmbOYC5Uz89JccxLzKksyUwOSExP9UvMTdUsy0xJzYeJOufnlaRWlDDns0knlpbkF+QkVtqWFJWmsjGyMXIyMgIAblQXOA==

Click here to watch the celebrity promo video with how 40 cents can go a long way.


** (RED) is a registered trademark through the organization

Donate Your Shirts to 1millionshirts!

We are all guilty of buying clothes that we never wore or took the tags off. Instead of keeping these items shoved in your closet and may never see again, there is an opportunity for you to give these clothes away!

1millionshirts.org is a cause that is working to bring 1,000,000 t-shirts to people all across Africa – some countries including Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and Ethopia.

Since their launch in April, they’re trying to get the word out. They are currently collecting T-shirts in decent condition along with $1.00, (going towards container costs to send the t-shirts). Also, they’ve created their own t-shirts in order to raise more money for the cause.

via 1millionshirts.org

If you have any t-shirts you’re looking to give away, find out how to send your shirts. 1millionshirts is currently filing for 501c3 status so that very soon, all of the donations will be 100% tax-deductible.

This initiative has been created by Jason Sadler, (co-founder of www.iwearyourshirt.com – a new marketing technique for brands to pay him and his colleagues to wear their companies on t-shirts and post pictures online).

Other organizations involved with the cause: In The Rooms, H.E.L.P.International, Waterislife.com, nGen Works and many others.