Easy Cheesy Eggplant Parm!


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After a brief hiatus of homemade cooking, I bought a ton of vegetables and needed a reason to make something cheesy! This simple eggplant recipe is one that can be made as  rich or healthy as desired. The pictures speak volumes! … Continue reading

First Time Cooking With a Slow Cooker! Part 1

In my “new year, new you” attitude, I am continuing on with my experimental cooking. Tonight’s challenge? Attempting to cook with the slow cooker!

I wanted to start simple, so where else could I find a quick, easy and health conscious recipes from Fitness Magazine! I opted for the Pasta w/ Eggplant Sauce because it looked delicious (and I happened to buy eggplant recently and needed a good recipe to use it for!)

Ingredients mixed into the slow cooker!

For someone who only focuses on easy-to-do recipes, preparing the ingredients only took about 10-15 minutes before putting them into the slow cooker. I had to tweak a few things based on availability but overall it looks well done!

A few things I tweaked from the original recipe were using basil leaves instead of oregano. I also used marinara sauce and fresh tomatoes in replacement of tomato paste. I also chose a Merlot as the red wine ingredient – I think taste could vary somewhat based on wine choice/preferences.

Starting to cook...

As of 11:22PM: the sauce is cooking overnight and we’ll have status updates tomorrow for the “after” results in consistency and taste!

Click here for a quick link to this recipe as well as other great slow cooker recipes!

Baking for a Good Cause!

image via greatescapecatering.com

Baking for Goods, a company that started in 2009, is fusing “food” and “fundraising” in a great way!

image via brownhousebakery.com

The founder (and baker) Emily Dubner, bakes all types of assorted desserts with all-natural, organic (and allergy friendly) ingredients. You can order your desserts online and at any point of the purchase, the buyer can choose an organization to donate 15% of the total purchase.

image via timeinc.net

Items are delivered usually in a 2-day span, (depending on your location) and are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

Visit the Baking for Good website to check-out the delicious brownies, cookies and other exciting treats that they have to offer!

There’s nothing like eating your favorite dessert with a big glass of milk and knowing that your purchase went to a good cause!

Will You Join the Food Revolution?

Fact: More than 68% of American adults overweight*

Fact: Obesity accounts for nearly 10% of US healthcare spending (approximately $147 billion dollars annually).*

Fact: Today’s generation of children are predicted to be the first which will die at a younger age than their parents.*

Before you or your friend/parent/child pick up their next chicken nugget or bottle of chocolate milk, these are the things that should be sticking out in our minds.

Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef/activist, has taken his school lunch program from the streets of London to the suburbs of West Virginia. After hearing that the area of Huntington, WV was the country’s most unhealthy city, he decided to bring his experience to teach students, families and workers about healthy cooking and change the way people are consuming food.

via guardian.co.uk

During Jamie’s time in Huntington, WV, he struggled with changing the ideals of parents, children, school cooks and administrators, who were used to the way things were. Schools were giving young children frozen/processed food that are made with unknown ingredients. He began teaching the cooks to make the meals from scratch so that kids knew how their food was being made.

There was various push back from members of the community, who initially could not understand why a British man was trying to change the way a small US town lives. Eventually, his hard work began to pay off. He created a kitchen in town, which is where people can go to get free cooking lessons. He visited the majority of schools in the community to help educate the school cooks, students and teachers to how they can be involved with creating change.

via ABC

Food Revolution was only a dent in the process for change amongst this country. Every child deserves the opportunity to choose what they eat. The sooner they learn that there are choices, it is more likely that they will choose what is healthier.

We can all do our part in our area. Learn different ways to take action in your community. If you want to take it to your kitchen, Jamie has a list of simple recipes you can cook yourself or with your friends/family.

Now it’s your turn – learn more about Jamie Oliver and the FOOD REVOLUTION at his website: www.jamieoliver.com. Sign his petition so he can bring this revolution to your area!