Make The World of Only Make Believe A Reality!


One of my favorite movies of all time (yes, I know this is a very bold statement) is Finding Neverland. Based on the story of Peter Pan, it’s message that speaks to the kid in all of us — you’re never too old to dream.

Dena Hammerstein, founder of Only Make Believe, created this non-profit organization after her late husband, James Hammerstein and for his passion & dedication towards theater. Since 1999, Dena & the Only Make Believe team have brought paid professional actors/theater performers to hospitals of chronically ill & disabled children. At these hospitals, the actors will put together an interactive performance where the children can also participate and perform.

Supported by celebrity actors such as Jude Law, Rachel Weisz & Mike Myers, what started as a one hospital event at NYU Langone Medical Center is now extensive performances in over 50 hospitals all over New York City and Washington DC!

Memorable moments like the ones with Only Make Believe prove that laughter can be the best medicine. These performances help give these children hope & happiness for a present & future filled with imagination!

If you’re feeling inspired & would like to get involved, find out how you can be a part of the world of imagination!

Best Make-Your-Own Halloween Costumes

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Halloween this year – delicious candy, fun costumes and lots of partying!

In my opinion, my favorite party of the holiday is dressing-up. Rather than purchasing a costume at the store where everyone buys the same thing, it’s an opportunity for you to bring out your creativity, while being cost-effective.

Inspired by the Britney Spears “Circus” music video, this year, I decided to be a circus ringleader. I put together my outfit with my mother’s vintage red blazer, along with clothing already in my closet. To add the finishing touches, I purchased a few items, which came to less than $30.

Making your own costume is not only fun but gives you the opportunity to express yourself in ways that you only imagined about.

Check out the NY Times blog Daily Green’s list of unique Halloween costumes using recyclable materials on a low budget. The best one on the list? The hamburger dress costume – doesn’t it make you want to order one?

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