Crimes of The Handicapped Re-Opened in LA County

We’d like to believe that each year, people want to be better. We like to wipe the slate clean of any bad things that we’ve done the year before and try to walk into the New Year with a new foot.

All is fine and well until we re-hash a story like this from CNN Justice. Los Angeles police officials are still digging into a case where at least eight men were responsible for sexually assaulting over ten handicapped women.

11 DVDs were sent to Sheriff’s office, which show over 100 hours of “extremely disturbing video”* footage of the attacks in various locations. Officials are using the DVDs to try and uncover who the attackers are and to provide images for the public to help.

At this time, they are starting the case ‘from scratch’, as they are trying to uncover more clues to this horrendous story. They’ve been able to create sketches for at least four of the abusers in the video.

Sgt. Diane Hecht, who is one of the individuals running the case, pins the situation right on the head,

“This is extremely serious. These women are developmentally disabled. It’s awful to take advantage of anyone, but especially someone who could not defend themselves.”

image via sanctuaryofhope.blogspot.comMost perpetrators perform certain abusive acts on individuals because they are powerless, thus, giving them more control that they seek. Handicapped individuals are considered an ‘easier’ target, which makes them more susceptible to serious acts of violence.

To me, it is absolutely unfathomable to even try and understand the mentality of individuals who can commit such heinous crimes. These are people who maliciously look to hurt others, especially ones that cannot stand up for themselves. Furthermore, to have the audacity to abuse someone inside their care home – how is it possible?

Once again, it makes us look again to our health care system as something that needs to be improved. Furthermore, it sheds light on individuals who very much rely on their resources to help them through daily activities, and it is not always guaranteed that they can be given all of the help that they need.

image via cnn.comimage via

L.A. officials have asked people to call the Crime Stoppers hotline at (866) 247-5877 or visit their website for any updates.

Lastly, for anyone who is experiencing any form of abuse, (physical, mental, emotional), you are not alone and there are people to help you to remove yourself from these negative situations. Below are some of many resources you can use at your disposal:

National Domestic Violence Hotline:

Abuse Victim Hotline:


Let All The Children Play Foundation – May 26 Event!

If you’re in NYC Wednesday, May 26, you should stop by the Double Crown at Madem Geneva (downtown NYC) to network and raise money for a great cause!

image via; logo is owned by Let All The Children Play Foundation

Let All The Children Play Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving Nassau County (Long Island, NY) recreation tools that help children with disabilities to continue their growth. An estimated six million children in the U.S. have a disability that makes it hard or impossible for them to play on traditional playgrounds.” (Boundless Playgrounds, 2007)* With these playgrounds that are created, they help to better train their sensory, motor, creativity and various other skills for these children to continue with their physical and mental development.

Click here to learn more about the event and how you can get your tickets. If you can’t attend, you can still donate and learn more about this unique organization!

*Let All The Children Play Foundation website

YAI/Central Park Challenge – June 5



On Saturday June 5, join YAI and Broadview Networks for their annual Central Park Challenge. Last year, over 10,000 were involved with volunteering and/or participating in the exciting activities!

Over the course of the day, there are 3K and 5K runs and walks for both children and adults, so you can make the day fun and/or challenging. YAI spokesperson, Sherri Shepard, will be attending the event and continuing her involvement with spreading the word!

The money donated for this event is dispersed amongst various projects that are dedicated to helping those with disabilities and their families. Some of the disabilities that are most recognized through this organization are Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and others that stall learning development for children and adults.

Keep your calendars open for this event – it will be one you don’t want to miss! Visit the website to learn more about YAI,what they’ve done to raise awareness for these issues and how it has made a large impact!