Although we should be thinking about the environment every day, we dedicate one day of the year to focus specifically on issues affecting the environment.

Today’s goal should be doing at least one good deed

image via loveisdope.wordpress.com

for the environment – there are many things that you can do!

-Walk instead of drive your car

-Turn off the lights for an hour or two

-Pick up some garbage you see on the ground


Feel free to come up with your own creative, eco-friendly ideas and share with us! Hopefully one day of improvement can change behaviors for the long haul.

Discarded Items Make a Fashion Statement

What a way for people to keep in the spirit of EARTH DAY but create garments that use everyday garbage materials.

Designer Gary Harvey, (formerly with Levi, Dockers), organized the second year of The GreenShows, a fashion show which took place at an eco-friendly apartment complex in New York City’s East Village during NYC Fashion Week.

via The GreenShows (MSN.com)

Models wore outfits made out of the leftover newspaper, a variety of sustainable materials including military gear, laundry bags and trashed clothes such as trench coats and biker jackets.

To check out more of the fashions, click this MSN ARTICLE.

Earth Day – Thursday, April 22

40 years since the first Earth Day, it is vital now more than ever that we pay attention to the issues concerning the environment.

Tomorrow, everyone can do at least one thing that will make a difference. Things you can do include:

-shut your computer off when you leave the office

-watch one less hour of TV

-turn off our lights when you are not in a room

-pick up a piece of garbage you see on the ground

These are a few of the simple things that can make a big difference. For more information, visit the OFFICIAL EARTH DAY website.