EastVille Comedy Asks Audience To Stand Up For Charity

EastVille Comedy, a NYC comedy club who has provided entertainment with some of comedy’s finest acts (Louis CK, Janeane Garofalo), is now providing comedic relief for charity!

Wednesday, October 26, will be a special event for people to see their favorite comedians perform at Merkin Concert Hall [at the Kaufman Center] where proceeds will benefit The Joshua Morales Fund for Children with Transverse Myelitis. Guest appearances confirmed include Macaulay and Kieran Culkin, Judah Friedlander among other surprise guests.

[images via EastVille Comedy]

Pulsd is providing discount tickets all week so don’t miss out on this great opportunity for laughter in the name of helping children!

Transverse Myelitis is an illness that occurs in men/women of all ages and races. It is an inflammation of the spinal cord that can have a significant impact on the nerves if not properly treated. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes, it’s estimated that there are approximately 1,400 new cases each year in the US.

For more details/updates, check out the Stand Up For Charity website.





Discarded Items Make a Fashion Statement

What a way for people to keep in the spirit of EARTH DAY but create garments that use everyday garbage materials.

Designer Gary Harvey, (formerly with Levi, Dockers), organized the second year of The GreenShows, a fashion show which took place at an eco-friendly apartment complex in New York City’s East Village during NYC Fashion Week.

via The GreenShows (MSN.com)

Models wore outfits made out of the leftover newspaper, a variety of sustainable materials including military gear, laundry bags and trashed clothes such as trench coats and biker jackets.

To check out more of the fashions, click this MSN ARTICLE.