One Beach Explores Cleaning Beaches One Piece of Plastic at a Time

Barefoot Wine presents us an excellent documentary entitled One Beach, which asks it’s audience to think outside of the box when it comes to the environment and preserving our beaches. Directed by Jason Baffa, he shows us that all walks of life can contribute to keep our beaches clean and find innovative ways to spread the message.

The documentary featured live September 20 on Facebook, but can be accessed online through the Barefoot Wine YouTube page.

When I watch this, it reminds me of all of my childhood memories growing up. I spent my weekends at Tobay beach in Long Beach, Long Island and continue to take family vacations to beautiful islands with gorgeous beaches. It is important that people stay diligent about keeping our beaches clean so we can continue to have these experiences to enrich our lives.


Although we should be thinking about the environment every day, we dedicate one day of the year to focus specifically on issues affecting the environment.

Today’s goal should be doing at least one good deed

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for the environment – there are many things that you can do!

-Walk instead of drive your car

-Turn off the lights for an hour or two

-Pick up some garbage you see on the ground


Feel free to come up with your own creative, eco-friendly ideas and share with us! Hopefully one day of improvement can change behaviors for the long haul.

Scott Makes Tubeless Toilet Paper

You’ve seen the newest commercials from Scott. Tubeless toilet paper? The idea initially sounded strange to me, but makes complete sense.

Scott Naturals Tube Free Bath Tissue, (owned by Kimberly-Clarke), are advertising the lack of the “roll” as environmentally-sound. An effective way they’ve promote the product includes some harsh facts about the tube. Such comments include, “17 billion tubes are tossed each year. That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building, twice” or “circling the world 46 times” or “fill 270 747 planes”.

Aside from the branding initiative, (which may or may not sound hypocritical), I can appreciate their corporate social responsibility and selling a product that will ultimately help individuals to think about the environment, even when it comes to the necessary home goods.

Would you buy tubeless toilet paper? Watch the commercials and find out if they will convince you!

Best Make-Your-Own Halloween Costumes

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Halloween this year – delicious candy, fun costumes and lots of partying!

In my opinion, my favorite party of the holiday is dressing-up. Rather than purchasing a costume at the store where everyone buys the same thing, it’s an opportunity for you to bring out your creativity, while being cost-effective.

Inspired by the Britney Spears “Circus” music video, this year, I decided to be a circus ringleader. I put together my outfit with my mother’s vintage red blazer, along with clothing already in my closet. To add the finishing touches, I purchased a few items, which came to less than $30.

Making your own costume is not only fun but gives you the opportunity to express yourself in ways that you only imagined about.

Check out the NY Times blog Daily Green’s list of unique Halloween costumes using recyclable materials on a low budget. The best one on the list? The hamburger dress costume – doesn’t it make you want to order one?

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Less is More – Poland Spring “Eco Sense”

Does your office look like this? Big water jugs piled up on top of each other that probably get dumped after all of the water is finished and never get used again?

Poland Spring has created the “Eco Sense” Bottle, which gets sent back to the company after consumption so that they can safely re-use the jugs instead of producing more plastic.

Furthermore, the new .5L water bottles have a smaller cap and bottle, which is a continuous effort by Poland Spring to reduce the amout of energy used to produce them. Each of these bottles contains approximately 20% less plastic than the original .5L bottles.*

Now you can enjoy going to the water jug knowing that the finished bottles will be sent back to the factory to be recycled! So yes, keep drinking your water that comes from the Natural Springs in Maine!

Visit the Poland Spring website to learn more!

*Source: Poland Spring .5L Water Bottle

**Logo is owned by Poland Spring