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“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.”CS Lewis Below is slideshow of pictures to represent highlights and happy moments in 2011… I wanted to share with all of you so you … Continue reading

How Important is it to Maintain Tradition?

Traditions stem from as early as history began. It can be a personal tradition, a family tradition, religious tradition, cultural tradition – you name it! However, based on evolution and how fast things are changing, how do we successfully pass on traditions to future generations?

image via‘Tradition’ means something different to everyone. To me, it means a lot of things – eating the orange chicken my grandma always made for dinner before Rosh Hashana, the end-of-the year vacation with my family, having a teddy bear near my bed, (almost always)…and the list continues. The teddy bear is a personal tradition. But, my holiday tradition has been in place practically since I’ve been born and prior to that. How can we successfully keep up these traditions?

I think it depends on how important is it to you. For me, if something is valuable to you, it is important to tell those you love so that it remains a constant in your life and theirs as well. By keeping the conversation intact, it allows us to share our passions and ultimately make them become traditions, whether it is forced or comes naturally.

I read an interesting article about what it means to appreciate traditions and how to keep them continuous:|aim|dl9|sec1_lnk2|35015&a_dgi=aolshare_email


Where’s Your Milk Mustache?

Is everyone getting their necessary calcium on these hot summer days?

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From tomorrow July 9th -July 13, drag yourself to New York Aquarium in Brooklyn, NY or Niketown or Bronx Zoo, where the Milk Mustache “Milk The Moment” mobile tour is hosting free local events to bring educational and fun activities for children and their families.

The idea of this concept is to bring families together and showing how milk is a vital part for our bodies.

There will be everything from sampling ice cream, sporting activities and a contest to win a trip to San Francisco and have a family dinner with famous chef Tyler Florence and a Milk Mustache celebrity.

Lastly, there will be a viral campaign called “Pass The Gallon” on Facebook that will benefit Feeding America.

If you find yourself in need for something fun to do on these hot summer days, visit one of these destinations this weekend to keep cook with a cold glass of  milk and ice cream!

Visit Why Milk website to learn more about the initiative and how its grown over time.

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