Easy Cheesy Eggplant Parm!


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After a brief hiatus of homemade cooking, I bought a ton of vegetables and needed a reason to make something cheesy! This simple eggplant recipe is one that can be made as  rich or healthy as desired. The pictures speak volumes! … Continue reading

Jamie Oliver Takes on Hollywood In Food Revolution – Season 2

After overcoming various obstacles to make major food strides last season in Huntington, West VA, (ranked as the most obese city in the US), Jamie Oliver is traveling to the West Coast to fight the same battle in Los Angeles, California and its 11,000,000 + residents

While most of what we read and hear about is the glitz and glamour of the city, Oliver will be infiltrating the inner city schools to learn more about their food programs and how he can re-shape them to serve healthier food for the kids in these local communities.

Watch the teaser trailer above as you see him endure highs and lows with the school systems, leading all the way to state administrators. Although there is heavy resistance during this process, there are many individuals, (families, school cooks), that grasp the hard facts and how massive change needs to be facilitated.

While there is room for the typical reality TV show – laughter, tears, anger, fear – this show does a great job highlighting such a significant issue on the home front. How can we teach our kids to grow up eating healthier foods when kids in the LA area are  served “500,000 processed meals everyday”?*

After season 1, I never want to each a chicken nugget ever again, (although I’m guilty and had a couple of times since the show). I’m excited to find out what other unique food facts will be shared during this season so they can help everyone make healthier food choices.

Season 2 will air on ABC Tuesday, April 12

*Source: http://ryanseacrest.com/2011/03/22/first-look-at-jamie-olivers-food-revolution-season-2-video/

FeedingNYC Hosts Cocktails For a Cause

image via feedingnyc.org

In preparation for the FeedingNYC Thanksgiving campaign, they are hosting a Cocktails For A Cause event Thursday, November 18 at Hudson Terrace NYC. Minimum ticket purchase is $35.00, which can provide a Thanksgiving meal to one whole family.

More information about the event is below – click here if you’re interested in purchasing a ticket.

FeedingNYC began in 2001, in connection with individuals from LivePerson, Inc. who wanted to bring happiness to the Thanksgiving dinner table for those less fortunate.

In 2009, FeedingNYC was able to bring meals to 2,250. Their goal this year is to send over 8,000. Help them meet their goal!

image via yogoer.com

Interested in helping out with the preparations? Find out how you can contribute to the Thanksgiving campaign.




Learn more about FeedingNYC:  http://feedingnyc.org/index.php

If you’re interested in researching more about organizations attempting to fight NYC hunger…

Robin Hood: http://www.robinhood.org/home.aspx

City Harvest: http://www.cityharvest.org/

NYC Coalition Against Hunger: http://www.nyccah.org/

Organic Pizza Comes to Murray Hill

NYC, the pioneer of delicious restaurants using healthy ingredients, is now introducing the restaurant Rev’d Up Pi. They are ‘leading the pizza revolution’  by re-inventing standard pizza with more healthy, organic and low-calorie ingredients. They even chose the Pi math symbol to represent the “never-ending quest for the healthiest food on earth”.

Not only are they making their food healthier, but cooking it more efficiently. “All cooking and beverages are made with 9-stage filtered water and low sodium sea salt”. Also, the sauce and dough are sugar free and infused with fiber.

A standard 16” pie for 6-8 individuals ranges from $20-$30 bucks. Interesting choices include the Neptune Pi (shrimps, bay scallops and calamari in a spicy fra diavolo sauce) or the Wake Up Po (organic whole eggs or whites with turkey bacon, fresh mozzarella and market vegetables), each totaling under 400 calories. Other items on the menu include pizzas, soups, salads or sandwiches.

image via pizzaisdelicious.com

If this is something that entices your taste buds, trek to 31st and 3rd avenue, on the north east corner of the street. Be the first to try – it opens TOMORROW at 11am. They are giving the first 1,000 slices for free!


Check back to their twitter feed @revduppi for more updates!


Volunteer This Thanksgiving

image via foodnetwork.com

For the amount of individuals that sit and eat at a formal Thanksgiving dinner table, there are more than double the amount who are not as fortunate. While we all tell each other what we give thanks for, wouldn’t it be nice to give others that same tradition?

All over the country, various organizations have volunteer opportunities at shelters and food banks. What better way is there to spend the holiday of thanks than giving to others? Isn’t that the purpose of the holiday?

image via meetup.com

I’ve checked out a couple of organizations that offer various options of volunteering during the holiday time. Look for your city!

(New York City) The Bowery Mission: http://www.bowery.org/display.asp?page=thanksgiving

(Los Angeles) Food on Foot: http://www.foodonfoot.org/

(Denver) The Epworth Foundation: http://www.epworthfoundation.org/thanksgiving.html

(Houston) http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5813710/places_where_you_can_volunteer_during.html

To all, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving this month! Enjoy all of the delicious food and time with your loved ones.