Worldly Rituals Prove to be Healers

We’ve all heard different things about different foods – berries are “superfoods” butter is great for restoring shine in your hair. YOU ARE NOT BEING FOOLED – MOST OF THESE ARE TRUE!

I have yet to do serious experimentation with the foods in my cabinet, but this great article dives into a few of my favorite foods that contribute to keeping a healthy upkeep of the mind and body.

[image via] Avocados (easily in my top 5 favorite foods – can be added to ANY meal) have been mostly used to help with damaged hair and skin. For use on the skin, you can try creating a face mask with the avocado (and honey) or use the outter skin of an avocado to rub on your face to act as an exfoliating agent (due to its rough contour.)

[image via]        Shea Butter is incorporated into many of our favorite shampoos and body lotions (did I mention how delicious the smell is!) It has been used in Africa for centuries to prevent and lessen wrinkleson the face or for stretch marks!                                         

[image via] Monoi Oil has distinct properties that help to improve hair follicles as well as add a powerful scent. Originating from the Tahitian Tiare flower, it can be mixed with coconut oil it has been shown to improve texture of hair. as well as providing an infectious smell!