Author Inspirations – Happy Moments in My Life…


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“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.”CS Lewis Below is slideshow of pictures to represent highlights and happy moments in 2011… I wanted to share with all of you so you … Continue reading

Toasting to the New Year!

Here’s a belated Happy New Year cheers to all my readers (and non-readers..I will make converts out of you!!)

May 2012 bring everyone all the happiness, peace and prosperity that we can have. I look forward to providing more news for you  this year as well as share more personal experiences.

First order of business: SET ATTAINABLE GOALS FOR YOURSELF IN THE NEW YEAR! [Mine are still being worked out!!]

Thanks for the continued support,


Director Discovering What Makes People HAPPY

As I explore my own path to happiness, it seems that others are trying to do the same!

image via Roko Belic

Academy award nominated director, Roko Belic, has been working for four years on the documentary HAPPY. The film explores all walks of life and finding unique answers to the question, “What makes you happy?”

Belic and his team traveled to over fourteen countries to talk to many individuals. Throughout the film, we see individuals who’ve endured all areas of the ‘feelings’ spectrum: extreme joy, pain, tragedy, frustration. Through it all, happiness exists in mysterious and unexpectful ways.

image via (from the film Happy)

“We hope that the lessons learned through the film can not only help individuals find more peace and contentment in their own lives, but that the shift toward happiness will lead us to be more compassionate, less destructive and better citizens of the world.”*

The film is already being talked about with buzzing magazines including Paste and Wall Street Journal entertainment blogs.

It is currently in it’s last legs and in need of our help! For anyone who wants to learn more about the project and if they’d like to donate, please find contact information here.



Spruce Up Your Summer Exercise!

As we are nearing the end of the summer, That’s Fit is giving people 9 great tips for adding some creativity to their stroll before the heat begins to leave us and forcing us to do our exercise indoors.

image via

Some of these include moving your walks into the water, using a pet and finding ways to move the workout into your office.

Small, simple things like these to add to your daily walk can increase stamina and happiness!

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