H&M To Launch Conscious Glamour Line


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H&M, known for it’s stylish, in-expensive clothing for the masses is preparing to launch a more upscale, eco-friendly clothing line to emphasize classic style as well as affordability! [image via Getty] Already being worn by Michelle Williams, Amanda Seyfried and … Continue reading

The Rich and Famous Donating to Japan

As tragic circumstances continue to haunt Japan and its residents, major organizations and celebrities all over the world are digging into their big pockets to help out a country that so desperately needs it right.

Walt Disney Co. donated $2.5 million dollars to the Red Cross. It has also been confirmed that Sandra Bullock has donated $1 million dollars to the Red Cross for the Japan and its victims.

Major car companies, including BMW, Hyundai and Renault, have all donated close to $1 million US dollars to aid in relief.

International fashion brands are also showing their generosity. Coach, LL Bean and Uniqlo are donating money ranging from $250,000 – $10 million dollars. Other brands, including H&M, are donating thousands of dollars worth of clothes, such as warmers and shirts/pants to those who’ve lost everything during the tragic events.

Other celebrities, such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, are using sales of consumer purchases during their music tours to donate to Japan.

For those of us that may not have $250,000 or even $100 to donate, there’s always other ways to help. Use some of the resources below to find out what you can do! [MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THAT ANY SOURCES YOU LOOK UP ARE VALID FORMS OF DONATING AND WILL BE PROPERLY RECEIVED BY LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATIONS.]

Red Cross: http://american.redcross.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ntld_main

UNICEF: https://secure.unicefusa.org/site/Donation2?df_id=9640&9640.donation=form1

World Vision: http://www.worldvision.org/content.nsf/pages/japan-hea-2011-eappeal-pg4?open&campaign=113655219

Habitat For Humanity: https://www.habitat.org/cd/giving/one/donate.aspx?link=353&media=Google&source_code=DHQMQ1007W1001&keyword=donate%20to%20japan&gclid=CP3f5uKc16cCFYNx5QodsRPn-g&tgs=My8xNy8yMDExIDExOjU5OjAwIFBN

Between the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear blasts to destroy thousands of homes, families and lives, its important that we appreciate and are grateful for the things in our lives that we often take for granted: electricity, shelter, water and clothing.