Krochet Kids International Provides Knitting Skills To Developing Countries (And More!)

 After seeing an article in the NY Times Magazine showcasing a unique business model created by Krochet Kids International co-founders Kohl Crecelius, Stewart Ramsey and Travis Hartanov, I knew that they were doing something significant. They are putting  power into hands of individuals in nations such as Uganda and Peru to raise monies for their impoverished nations by aiding in food, clothing and education.

The Krochet Kids International (KKI) mission teaches women to crochet handmade hats, sweatshirts and other merchandise that is personally signed by the woman who knits each item. KKI alps to export these items to the US and other countries where they can be sold. All monies made from purchasing each item is then sent back to the country it was made.

Betty is one of various women who have joined the movement. What is great about this system is that after you receive your handmade item, you can thank the woman personally!

This month will feature a new line of knitted hats as well as a line of bow ties and scarves!

Visit their website where you can learn more, purchase and/or donate money to this great cause.