Catch The Summer Breeze on a Bike Ride!

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Problem: summertime in NYC. It can be hot and painful, especially when it lacks bodies of water to cool off.
Solution: catch a breeze by renting a bike and riding along the East or West side. You get the breeze of the rivers and fast speed of bike riding! (Not to mention a great work out and stress reliever!)

Don’t have easy access to a bike? No issue! You can rent bikes from various locations in the five boroughs. If you’re in NYC and on a budget, check out the various great discount sites, where you can get 1/2 price rentals, (such as one I purchased through Buy With Me).

There’s nothing like a great bike ride where you can start in Central Park and wind up on the Brooklyn Bridge. Where else can you travel such far distances to see such amazing sites at the same time?