More Magazine 1/2 Marathon – Central Park NYC

finishing 13.1 miles!

Another kudos is in order! On April 25, my sister, Jessica Levine, ran 13.1 miles in the POURING RAIN! Not only was this her first half marathon, but to successfully complete the run in cold, rainy weather is a huge accomplishment.

This is More Magazine’s 7th year of hosting marathons and half marathons.

To find out more about US marathons and getting yourself involved, Marathon Guide is a good source for you!

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NYPD 5K Run – Tribeca NYC

Sending a big congrats to my close friend and roommate ALLISON SCHACHTER for a job well done on her first 5K run!

closing in on the finish line

This 5K run was organized by the NYPD, to honor the fallen men and women who died during the line of duty. It took place on a beautiful day last Sunday, May 16 in downtown Tribeca. Click here to learn more about the race and other activities!

Hopefully this inspires you all to go out and take your exercise to new heights!