Today’s Author Inspirations

To follow the Change on The Go motto, I only take the time to write author inspirations posts when I truly find something inspirational.

[image via flavorwire/shaka1]

Thanks to Flavorwire, they have introduced me to a French street graffiti artist who goes by the name Shaka. His obscure use of 3D sculpture, bas-relief and intense color schemes make his work so completely innovative and unique.

If any of your future travels take you to Paris this month, Shaka’s work can be seen at the Alexandre Lazarew Gallery starting next week.

What I admire so much about this work is how detailed each piece is. While the pieces themselves express so much pain, you can’t help but find beauty in the eccentric colors that are incorporated into these works of art.

Visit Shaka’s site to discover more of his amazing work!