Farmers Market Delights!

‘Tis the season for fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers! During this time, I love visiting the NYC Union Square Farmers Market to check out the fresh produce & plants that the upstate farms are bringing to the city. Not only are you accessing the best produce in season, but you’re also ensured that it’s coming form a sustainable environment.

Please enjoy these photos as a beginning to the colorful assortment of healthy living!


<– Dahlias from Hodgson’s Farm






Image via Paffernoth Gardens –>

NYC Spring in Color!

Kicking into high spring gear, I wanted to share my assortment of colorful changes I’ve seen in the New York air as well as my own personal style.

It’s great to appreciate your surroundings as well as give yourself creative freedom and bring your personal health & style from winter drab to summer fab on the inside and outside!

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Summertimeee and The Livin’ is Easy

Two things I love: music and warm weather!

While you’re sweating your buns off this summer, download the tunes below to help you feel cool and relaxed!

“Summertime” DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

“Summertime” Billie Holiday

“Gin and Juice” Snoop Dogg

“Summer Nights” Grease

“California Girls” Katy Perry Featuring Snoop Dogg

“Corona and Lime” Shwayze

“Hot Child In The City” Nick Gilder

“Life Is A Highway” Tom Cochrane

“A Hard Day’s Night” The Beatles

“Back to Black” ACDC

“Day-O” Harry Belafonte

“Summer Girls” LFO

“Cruel Summer” Bananarama

“Hot Blooded” Foreigner

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Catch The Summer Breeze on a Bike Ride!

image via

Problem: summertime in NYC. It can be hot and painful, especially when it lacks bodies of water to cool off.
Solution: catch a breeze by renting a bike and riding along the East or West side. You get the breeze of the rivers and fast speed of bike riding! (Not to mention a great work out and stress reliever!)

Don’t have easy access to a bike? No issue! You can rent bikes from various locations in the five boroughs. If you’re in NYC and on a budget, check out the various great discount sites, where you can get 1/2 price rentals, (such as one I purchased through Buy With Me).

There’s nothing like a great bike ride where you can start in Central Park and wind up on the Brooklyn Bridge. Where else can you travel such far distances to see such amazing sites at the same time?

Creative Ways to Use Everyday Items

image/logo via Real Simple


Did you ever think that everyday items could have significant multiple purposes that can help you with mundane or difficult tasks?

Thanks to Real Simple magazine, they’ve offered us some new suggestions of how we can use simple household items that most individuals take for granted on a daily basis.

Before summer comes to a close, check out this article for unique ways to use aluminum foil, baby powder and the red Radio Flyer wagon!

logo via Radio Flyer

Do you use household products for things aside from their general “purpose”? What about in the seasons aside from summer? Feel free to share your creativity!

I leave you with one helpful tip of my own: If you ever worry about oily hair and you don’t have time to shower, dab some baby powder by the roots. It will save you much time and grief!