Less is More – Poland Spring “Eco Sense”

Does your office look like this? Big water jugs piled up on top of each other that probably get dumped after all of the water is finished and never get used again?

Poland Spring has created the “Eco Sense” Bottle, which gets sent back to the company after consumption so that they can safely re-use the jugs instead of producing more plastic.

Furthermore, the new .5L water bottles have a smaller cap and bottle, which is a continuous effort by Poland Spring to reduce the amout of energy used to produce them. Each of these bottles contains approximately 20% less plastic than the original .5L bottles.*

Now you can enjoy going to the water jug knowing that the finished bottles will be sent back to the factory to be recycled! So yes, keep drinking your water that comes from the Natural Springs in Maine!

Visit the Poland Spring website to learn more!

*Source: Poland Spring .5L Water Bottle

**Logo is owned by Poland Spring

Banning Sale of Water Bottles in MA Town

Environmentalist enthusiasts in Concord, MA are celebrating!  A vote took place last week to successfully ban the selling of water bottles in the city.

via chitchatmagazine.com

The ban was initiated by 82-year old activist Jean Hill. Her passion and concern for her community helped win over local officials to take larger strides towards making change. For more details about the ban and Concord, MA, check out this AOL News article.

Whether you agree with the ban or not, the statistics about plastic and pollution are real. It is important that we have a better understanding of where our garbage is going and how it impacts us and our environment.

To put things in perspective, “There’s an island bigger than Texas floating around in the Pacific.” Concord, MA Town Council Chairman Stanly Black

What will you do to help?